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SP 3000 - Latex Based Product
Mining, Construction and Agriculture

SURVIVAL SP3000 was specially formulated for pneumatic tyres fitted to slow-moving heavy vehicles.


Its excellent sealing abilities offer long-term protection against punctures in vehicle tyres that do not exceed speeds of 80 km/h.


Extreme tests have shown SURVIVAL SP3000 to continuously seal penetrations by objects of up to 50mm on the tyre's tread area and up to 20mm on the sidewall.


SURVIVAL SP3000 cools the tyres and maintains constant tyre pressure as it seals any O-Ring, porosity, breather hole and bead leaks. SURVIVAL SP3000's advanced chemical formulation prevents heat build-up that could cause tread separations. The SP3000 formulation is so strong it can even be used when tyres have inner liner damage, delivering enormous cost savings.


The benefits of SURVIVAL SP3000 are:

  • Seals penetrations from objects of up to 50mm on tread area.
  • Seals sidewall cuts of up to 20mm in length.
  • Absorbs and dissipates heat
  • Seals O-Ring, bead, breather hole and porosity leaks




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