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Leisure Market - Bikes and off-road Vehicles

Don’t let a puncture spoil your fun!


SURVIVAL keeps you on the move – all the time.


Enjoy the benefits of SURVIVAL, the latest in liquid tyre sealant technology, when driving your quad-bike, scrambler or mountain bike or when towing your trailer or caravan.


Our specially formulated latex-based SURVIVAL liquid tyre sealant prevents blowouts from punctures and sidewall cuts. It gives a permanent protection against tyre air loss for the legal life of the tread.


SURVIVAL was independently tested under the harshest conditions of extreme heat and cold. Besides a proven increase in tyre life, its scientific formula of latex, glycol and Kevlar fibre gives SURVIVAL the most advanced sealing capability available today.


SURVIVAL permanently seals penetrations by sharp objects piercing the tread or sidewall areas of the tyre.


SURVIVAL was designed to remain in a semi-liquid state to provide a permanent seal on the entire interior of the tyre and rim as a unit.

Its low freeze-point formula prevents heat build-up while corrosion inhibitors stop rust in the tyre casings and wheel rims.


SURVIVAL has the following benefits:
• Instantly seals penetrations permanently
• Prevents tyre blowouts
• Gives significantly longer tyre life

SURVIVAL is available in a convenient and easy to use self-application kit. The 250ml or 500ml containers make it ideal for the Leisure Market.


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