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SP 6000 - Latex Based Product
Armoured Vehicles


SURVIVAL SP6000 was specifically designed for use in the armoured transport and military industry.

The special formulation in SURVIVAL SP6000 was adapted to create a semi-solid layer of sealant material covering the entire casing, sidewalls included.

Extreme tests showed that SURVIVAL SP6000 seals tyre punctures for the duration of the tyre’s legal life. Moreover, SURVIVAL SP6000's chemical composition has a cooling affect on tyres that ensures a longer tyre life.

SURVIVAL SP6000 will seal penetrations from objects of up to 15mm. More importantly, it has the strength to permanently seal bullet penetrations by firearms as powerful as 9mm pistols, sub-machine guns, AK47 assault rifles and even the 12.7mm HMG.

The benefits of SURVIVAL SP6000 are:

  • Seals penetrations from objects up to 15mm
  • Seals sidewall penetrations caused by powerful firearms (Such as 9mm, AK47 assault rifles and 12.7mm HMG's)
  • Ensures that valuable cargo reaches its destination

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