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Reduce your Carbon Footprint


- Yes, you can protect our sensitive environment while driving.

- Use SURVIVAL liquid tyre sealant - your ultimate tyre saver.

- Save money - and save our planet.


SURVIVAL helps reduce your carbon footprint through longer tyre life. Correctly inflated tyres simply last longer. By keeping tyres inflated at optimum pressure (up to five times longer) you don’t replace tyres that often. SURVIVAL extends tyre life up to 25% by protecting the casing and preventing punctures. SURVIVAL therefore reduces the number of tyres that end up in landfills.


Approximately 83 litres of oil is required to manufacture just one truck tyre. More than 260 million tyres are scrapped every year - many are prematurely worn. What a waste!


We should all help reduce tyre-related waste. Get SURVIVAL - and save money on tyres. At the same time you increase safety and performance.



• SURVIVAL is non-hazardous, non-flammable and readily biodegradable

• SURVIVAL does not contains any carcinogens or chemicals that affect the ozone

• SURVIVAL uses only organic corrosion inhibitors that are consumed during normal useful life of the sealant

• SURVIVAL does not contain any heavy metals

• SURVIVAL is inert and will not chemically react with your tyres and rims

• SURVIVAL can be recycled

Tyre Facts:
• A road debris study by the Tyre Maintenance Council confirmed that under- inflated tyres - due to poor maintenance or road conditions - resulted in some 90% of all tyre failures.
• A tyre can lose up to 0.2 Bar of air pressure per month due to the porosity of rubber.
• A tyre that is 10% under-inflated can wear up to 15% faster.
• A good rule-of-thumb is that every 0.69 Bar reduction in overall tyre pressure results in about 1% reduction in kilometres per litre (of fuel consumption).
• Burst tyres contributed 56% of all road accidents in South Africa (University of Cape Town study in 2002).
• One of the five main causes of accidents in October 2007 was tyre blow-outs – TRAC
• South Africa has the highest road accident death rate in the world.

• The cost to the economy is estimated at R50 billion per annum. (3% of GDP).
• Tyre failure contributes 20% of minibus taxi accidents - CSIR.


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